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Medical Tax Preparation Services:Learn More About Tax Deductions for Medical Expenses

You might not be fully aware and understand the details, but IRS allows you to deduct a certain and accurate amount of medical expenses should you be able to present an itemized list of your medical expenses for your tax deductions. Those expenses you have paid during the tax year not just for yourself, but also for your spouse or dependents are considered as qualified medical deductions for your tax. Medical expenses are referring to the total costs associated with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, mitigation or cure of any disease or illness as recognized and validated by the medical community, as well as the costs of various treatments affect an area or specific functioning of the body. The coverage of medical expenses also include medical equipment, diagnostic devices, and medical supplies needed for health or medical purposes, as well as dental expenses.

Here is a list of some examples of medical supplies qualified medical deductions that might apply to you, but please remember that this list is not all-inclusive or not definitive: bandage, blood glucose test kit, breast pumps, lactation supplies crutches, contact lenses, eye glasses, wheel chair, and whirlpool baths as ordered by the doctor. Several examples of qualified medical deductions for medical treatments include dental treatment, fertility enhancement, breast reconstruction surgery, cosmetic surgery to correct a disfigurement, reconstructive surgery, psychotherapy, psychiatric treatment, home care, nursing home, nursing services, drug addiction treatment, and weight loss program. Aside from diagnostic expenses, medical supplies or treatment costs, you may also include other costs incurred primarily for medical reasons including transportation expenses such bus fare, cab fare or gas cost consumed on your way to the hospital or clinic, as well as cost of meals if they were bought at the hospital or similar facility, where you were staying for medical care.

Also remember that not all can be qualified for a medical deduction for your tax purposes computations such as hospitalization guarantee insurance policies, life insurance policies, insurance policies that provide payment for loss of income, insurance policies for loss of sight, limb or life, and long-term health insurance premiums paid through retirement plan’s tax-free distributions. For those who are self-employed, they may also deduct a hundred percent of the amount they pay for health insurance not just for themselves, but also for their spouse and other dependents. Please be advised that these expenses are not qualified for tax medical deductions such as nutritional supplements, teeth whitening, illegal operations or treatments, health club dues, personal use items, cosmetic surgery, diaper service, dance lessons, hair transplant, maternity clothes, swimming lessons, and funeral expenses.
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