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A Guide to the Air Jordan II

In the late nineteen hundreds the Nike company, a running shoe company, was a dying company. The company then decided to reinvest itself so that it will appeal to a new segment of the market. They turned to NBA Michel Jordan who at that time was already endorsing other brands. Jordan that time had no interest but caught the interest of his agent David Falk since he saw a great opportunity in Nike’s offering to create a brand new line of shoes called Air Jordans.

Conventionally, players wore white shoes when playing basketball but when Air Jordan came out, it had bold black and red styles which changed the convention. Although banned by the NBA, Jordan wore them on despite getting fine $5000 for every game. This served to put the Air Jordan line on the road to becoming a household name.

Now people of all ages and social status line up eagerly for the release of the latest Air Jordan model. Some of this success can be attributed to the fact that the shoes, form the Jordan III to the most recent model, have always been about Michael Jordan.

What designers do is to incorporate in their shoes something about Jordan’s ideas, hobbies, and life. The Air Jordan line has continued its tradition of quality, high-fashion basketball and athletic shoes that appeal to the masses.

Let us then take a look at the “low true Red” blockbuster that is Air Jordan II. There are people who are sneaker freaks who would not take anything low because they violate the sanctity of the originals. This cost a lot cheaper than the other Jordan retro’s and as summer shoes they are also great to wear. And to have a comfortable fit and a sleek look they have low cut leather and durabuck upper.

The black and red Air Jordans are well regarded by many people than any other colorway. To own one of the best examples of that style is too enticing to pass up. The snakeskin uppers were only the beginning and the Air Jordan II Fatigue is coming soon.

Actions sports has experienced a lot of market fluctuations. There’s also been a lot of moving and shifting. The release of the Air Jordan II is important to a lot of people. People who know sneakers will know why they important to your sport. You know that this brand that you are looking at represents Michael Jordan’s return to the NBA in 1996. During the 72 game winning season of the Chicago Bulls, this is the shoes that Michael Jordan won, and Bulls fans know about this.

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